Five Ideas for an Affordable Family Vacation

Going on a family vacation is a perfect way to spend quality time together and relax. Consider these affordable vacation ideas to avoid crushing your annual budget:

Consider these affordable vacation ideas:

1. Camping

There are affordable campgrounds located near most popular tourist areas and almost all national parks. There may even be a campground not far from where you live if you would rather stay near home for a long weekend. If you love the outdoors, this is why camping is the perfect vacation:

● Being outdoors is a big change of pace and adventure for your children, even if you don’t go far from home. Most people live in cities or suburbs and don’t get to spend much time outdoors in open space and away from other people.

● The cost for a night of camping if often only 10-20% that of a hotel room. If you don’t own any camping gear, you can rent it or borrow from a friend.

● You can also rent a small cabin if you don’t fancy sleeping on the ground at night. These options are still much cheaper than hotels, but with a few more amenities.

● If the campground has a pool, river, or beach, your kids will have an activity all day long. Many are near hiking, outdoor sports, or national parks. Most of these activities are free or very affordable

2. Road trip

Provided that you don’t mind driving for long stretches at a time, going on a road trip is a great way to discover the country. Things you might want to consider for a road trip:

● Do you have a reliable vehicle? If not, you can rent one. Also consider renting an RV so you can go on a longer trip and don’t need to stay in hotels.

● You will need accommodations each night.

● How many different cities, landmarks, or amusement parks do you wish to see.

● You’ll need to plan a trip that’s tailored to your budget and the ages of the people going. On a college road trip can drive overnight or crash on couches. If you’re traveling with small children you may only be able to withstand a few hours in the car each day and will need plenty of room to spread out at night.

3. Beach rentals

You can enjoy a beach vacation at an affordable price, if you stay away from crowded tourist areas in major cities with well-known beaches.  You can find an affordable rental within walking distance of the beach or even right on the beach. This is a great way to enjoy the summer together!

4. Visit a relative or friend

This is the most affordable way to go on a vacation since there is no need to pay for accommodations. There are several things to keep in mind though:

● This is the perfect way to catch up with a good friend or relative that you haven’t seen in a while.

● Make sure everyone will get along well enough to spend a lot of time in close quarters, especially children.  If not, consider trading houses instead.

5. Buy a package

You can find discounted packages from resorts and hotels that include airfare, rental car hotel, and sometimes even food and drink. Consider going in the off-season and you can get a higher level of accommodation for a huge discount. This is a great way to have a luxury vacation without going over your budget.

To plan a fun and affordable vacation, set a budget for your trip and make a list of destinations that your family may find interesting. Talk to your family members to find out which destinations appeal to them. Then narrow it down and choose one that fits your family the best.

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