Great Vacations That Won’t Break The Bank

All work and no play will make anyone’s life seem dull.  This is why it’s crucial to make annual vacation time a part of your life.  Spending an entire year working or in school can take its toll without the opportunity to relax and enjoy what life has to offer.

As with everything in life, cost is a main consideration.  Popular vacation destinations are pricey because the hotels, restaurants, and attractions know they can get away with it.  Rest assured though that with a little planning there are numerous quite affordable ways to go on vacation that won’t leave your bank account empty and your financial life in ruins.

Consider these affordable vacation options:

1.    Stay at a campsite

Camping is one of the most cost-effective ways to vacation, especially for families with children.  You will strengthen existing bonds and have fun all at the same time. Your campsite doesn’t have to be the whole trip though.  Most popular tourist destinations will have state parks or private campgrounds nearby.  Instead of spending $150-200 per night for a low-rent hotel, you can have a campsite with electricity for around $30 per night.

2.    Go hiking

Choose a campsite that offers opportunities for hiking.  A hiking trip can be adventurous without risking life and limb.  The value of exercise that comes with it is also invaluable.  You will burn some serious calories during any hike.

3.    Choose a cabin or farmhouse

You don’t have to stay at a 5-star resort to enjoy a destination. Depending on where you live, you may be able to find:

∙    Wonderfully charming farmhouses or cottages near you that are tailored to families.  If they’re off the beaten path, i.e. not in “wine country” or something similar, you’ll find a better price and more focused hospitality.

∙    A self-contained vacation in a cottage or cabin means you can shop at a local grocer and prepare your own meals.  The less restaurant meals you need to pay for, the better.  Even just eating breakfast at “home” on vacation can save a ton of money.

∙    Unplugging from the fast pace of urban or suburban life is a perfect opportunity for well-deserved rest and relaxation.

4.    Visit amusement parks

Many parents avoid this option because it seems like it would be quite expensive.  In many cases, however, this isn’t reality.  At many theme parks you can find:

∙    Hotels and motels with self-contained amenities like kitchenettes and on site laundry within a short drive of the most popular amusement parks.

∙    The more accommodation options that provide a great opportunity for you to pack your food items, the better.  The most expensive thing at most ticketed parks is on-site food sales.  They know that a family with starving kids will pay any price to avoid a hungry meltdown.

These are barely a handful of the ways you can take your family on vacation without breaking the bank.  Utilize online resources to help you identify other affordable options that may be out there.  The imagination you put into planning a vacation can make normally expensive choices manageable for your budget.

Everyone needs a crucial break from day-to-day activities now and again.  The best way to achieve such a break is to go on vacation.  The right idea when it comes down to it is to identify vacation options that won’t be a financial strain.

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