Tips for Saving Money at Back to School Time

Every year when it comes time to get the kids ready for school, moms can feel the burden of stress on their pocketbooks. Shopping for school supplies and new clothes can be enjoyable, but it’s also a strain on household finances for those who don’t plan appropriately. Check out these tips for keeping back to school shopping easy on your financial stress levels!

Thrift Stores

Secondhand clothes are often frowned upon by people who simply don’t know any better. Thrift stores, such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army often take in mountains of barely worn or even brand new clothes with the tags still intact! These stores will also run tag sales where all items with pink tags, for example, are priced 50% off, or items with red tags are priced under $3.00.

Common thrift store items can include jeans, brand name suits and shoes among other items. You might even be able to score an entire secondhand wardrobe for less than $30! Getting the hang of it will take being a savvy shopper, but when you do, you’ll be able to dress your kids for pennies on the dollar!

Make Use of Your Local Dollar Store

Were you aware that dollar stores in your area may actually accept coupons on already-discounted merchandise? The most notable dollar store retailer that accepts these types of coupons is Dollar General. By checking the FAQ section on your local dollar store’s website, you may be able to read up on the details of their coupon policy.

With a $1 coupon off an item you’re going to purchase at the dollar store anyhow, you are going to be getting the item for free! If you have just a few coupons for a bulk quantity of items you need, you may be able to score half, or even more, of your back to school shopping needs for next to nothing but a few odd cents in sales tax.

Stockpiling Coupons

If you have more than three kids, it makes a lot of sense to consider stocking coupons for school supplies the moment that you’re able. A little trick that savvy couponers like to use is to stockpile coupons for their household essentials by purchasing the local newspaper, printing store coupons online, and requesting manufacturer’s coupons be mailed directly to their home.

By the end of the summer, coupon moms that stockpile coupons often find greatly reduced deals because the items have been sitting on the shelf for most or all of the summer. Often times, many essential back to school items end up being close to free.

Shop a Year Early

When you to do your back to school shopping, you may be tempted to only shop for a week or two before the semester begins, like almost all parents do. But, if you wait to purchase just a few weeks after school has begun, nearly everything in store will be marked down to clear inventory.

To further your ability to save, sign up for the email newsletters from all of your favorite stores. JCPenney sends out quarterly coupons at 10-15% off of all of their merchandise. These coupons include sale items. It is not uncommon to find children’s shorts and shirts on sale for under $5. Needless to say, the total savings can be considerable.

There are numerous avenues to save on back to school shopping for your family. If you are willing to invest your time and keep an eager eye out, you can be sure to score amazing deals for both school supplies and clothing.

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