3 Easy Ways To Save Money On Clothing

Without proper budgeting, clothing costs can quickly become one of the largest household expenses for a family of any size. On an individual basis, any one clothing item can seem like an insignificant cost, but over time multiple purchases can add up substantially.

Instead of curbing new clothes purchases altogether, learn to save money on clothing so you look sharp without breaking the bank! Don’t let your desire to shop-til-you-drop have a negative effect on your financial security.

Follow these simple tips to slash expenses on clothing:

1. Buy custom-made clothing

This might seem counter intuitive, but a young clothing designer will sell high quality designs for an affordable price in order to build a name for themselves in the fashion world. Until they get a loyal following, hungry to buy their latest designs, young clothing makers cannot ask for a premium price.

• Look for custom or handmade designs on eCommerce websites like Etsy.com or Artfire.com. Costs are generally affordable and custom-made clothing often lasts much longer than mass-produced products available at national retailers.

• Also consider replicating trendy designs on your own. Rather than paying the high retail price for a “LOVE PINK” hoodie from Victoria’s Secret, have one custom made on a site like CafePress.com for just a few dollars and then shipped to the comfort of your own home.

2. Shop yard sales

Many budget shoppers target thrift shops, but don’t forget about the wealth of low cost, yet high quality finds available at yard sales each weekend. When you troll yard sales for clothing, it’s best to head to an upscale part of town to find the best deals on designer items.

• Most often, yard sales held in nicer parts of town aren’t looking to make money, but to make more room for new items to buy! More often than not, you’ll be able to pick up some very high-quality finds for a fraction of their value. Also, check out estate sales for vintage items you won’t be able to find in any store.

3. Use coupons

There is good reason coupons are always “in” for savvy shoppers. They save money on items you are already expecting to buy. Over a lifetime, couponing can save enough money for you to retire early or more comfortably later on.

• Go to your favorite designer’s website and sign up for their daily, weekly, or monthly newsletter. Most newsletters send coupon codes to use online or a printable coupon for use in-stores. You can also request manufacturer coupons directly to your mailbox. If you’re shopping online, look for coupons that let you save money on shipping for orders over a certain dollar amount.

• Unless stated otherwise, many outlet stores will accept the same coupons from their full-price boutique store. Using a coupon at an outlet store where all items have already been marked down by around 30% can add up to savings of 50-80% from full price. If you are unsure whether an outlet store will accept a coupon, call them and ask.

Resolve to never, ever pay retail! Full price is reserved only for shoppers who have unlimited cash flow every month. If you’re reading this article, clearly you are part of the shoppers’ clan with not-so-unlimited cash flow. You should definitely take advantage of these strategies to their utmost, and save, save, save to your heart’s content!

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