Cut Your Living Expenses With 5 Simple Changes

There are just as many ways to save money as there are to spend it.  Small changes can be made in your daily activities at home to help save money and reduce your living expenses.

Some of the most effective changes that are often overlooked:

1.    Reduce, reuse, and recycle

Have you ever considered recycling household cleaning equipment?  Even traditional cleaning implements like mops and brooms are:

∙    More efficient for cleaning because of their sturdy design
∙    Way cheaper than disposable alternatives
∙    Much more efficient because they can be used time and again

2.    Use coupons

Pay with coupons for your most commonly bought household products instead of paying full price for what you buy at the grocery store.  Saving 50 cents on the dollar might not add up to a significant amount right away, but you would be surprised how quickly coupon discounts can add up by the end of each month!

3.    Conserve electricity

Your electric utility bill is a very key expense that most households simply cannot avoid.  Consider switching out your traditional light bulbs to high efficiency alternatives.  Always turn off every electrical appliance when it’s not in use.   You might even consider giving candles a try?

∙    Electronics such as computers use a decent amount of electricity even when they’re switched to the off position.  To save money, unplug them completely when they’re not actively in use.

∙    It’s easy to think that small things like light bulbs don’t use up very much electricity.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how much savings you will realize on your energy bill at the end of the month.

∙    Your significant other will no doubt appreciate the romantic mood lighting of scented candles.  The ambiance will beat out incandescent bulbs any day.

4.    Get rid of waste

Human nature prompts us to purchase more than we actually need. When we realize that we have more money to spend.  It’s survival instinct.  Only purchasing just what you need eliminates wasting money.  Stocking up on perishable groceries leads to plenty being wasted.

∙    Go to the store more often and purchase less.
∙    Using just enough of what you’ve bought can make your stores last twice as long.

5.    Carpool

Always a talked-about money saving tip, yet rarely followed through on.  Pooling vehicle expenses is one of the best ways to cut daily living expenses.  If there are other parents in your neighborhood who also take their kids to school, why not:

∙    Arrange for both families to carpool each day.
∙    Save a good amount of money by cutting down on daily gas consumption.
∙    Put that gas money to even better use.

These money-saving tips merely scratch the surface of how to cut living expenses on a daily basis.  Take a good look around your home and you will probably find five or six more ways to save money that we haven’t even thought of.  It’s much easier than you would think!

Look at it in one simple way:  The extra money you manage to save from changing little daily money habits can be put into an interest yielding investment that will earn even more money for you in addition to the savings!

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