Great Ways To Have Fun On A Budget


How to Have Fun on a Budget

With rising prices and a struggling economy, it can be hard to have a good time and not feel guilty about the cost.  Fun does not have to mean an empty bank account.

Do not despair, though!  There are many enjoyable activities for singles, couples, and families alike that will get you out and about for very cheap or even free.  You don’t have to stay home because of the cost of a good time.

Use these tips to have fun, even on a tight budget.  The key is to find the beauty and joy in the little things!

What Do You Like to Do?

When looking for fun on a budget, consider the types of activities that each member of your family is interested in pursuing.  Some people love spending hours wandering in a museum.  Others love music, sports, or the great outdoors.

Agreeing on what to do is important, so attempt to have a consensus on any activity to everyone is excited to get going.

Establish a cost limit and then make a list of activities that each family member would like to do.  Make sure every suggestion is inexpensive or free.  If there is no consensus, put the suggestions into a hat and draw one at random.  This way it’s more or less fair to everyone.  The next time out, draw a different activity. Eventually everyone will get their turn.

How to Find Free and Inexpensive Activities

Activities that fit your budget are easier to find than many people think. Something as simple as a local newspaper will be your friend when you’re looking for fun things to enjoy on the cheap.

Most newspapers have lists of upcoming community events.  Even in small towns, most weekends have some kind of street festival, movie nights, parades, or other free activities for the kids and families in the area.  Definitely take advantage of these free or low cost events!

Watch the local news.  You will hear about all the biggest events in your city or the area near your town. Of course there is always Google as well.

Be creative!  A picnic in the park, a walk along the seashore to hunt for shells or perhaps hiking the local nature preserve are free and don’t need much planning, yet are often overlooked.  These types of activities can be very rewarding for just about everyone in your family and can get you thinking of other activities to try in the future.

Even if you live in a small town or rural area with fewer people, you shouldn’t have trouble finding fun activities to occupy your time.  Backyard camp outs, game night, or a movie night with popcorn are easy ways to spice up an evening at home.  You could also bring the party to you by having family and friends over for a potluck BBQ.

The most important thing is to spend time enjoying the people you love.  How much or little money you spend will never matter in the long run. Cherished memories last forever.

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