No Cost Winter Activities You Can Enjoy Together

It can be tough to come up with new and creative ideas for dates to get your couple through the winter.  Due to holidays gifts and travel, winter entertainment budgets are often much leaner than during other times of the year.  If you desire to keep expenses to a minimum, the good news is there are plenty of ways to have a great time without spending a dime.  Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you need to be bored.

Consider the following ideas as you build your activities list:

1.    Cuddle

Sometimes when you’re both busy during the workweek, you forget how good it feels to cuddle up, relax and watch a movie or binge watch a TV show.  It’s an intimate, calm break from your busy lifestyle.  If you have a fireplace it can be even more romantic!

2.    Go to the mall

You don’t have to spend money when you go to the mall, though it may be tempting.  Walking around the mall can be an easy way to get out of the house without braving cold weather.

3.    Listen to music

If you and your partner share the same musical tastes, you probably enjoy listening to music together.  Many municipalities have live winter music concerts that don’t have any entry fee.

4.    Play video games

Video games these days are so vivid and engrossing that they are fun for people of all ages.  Play a slow-paced puzzle game against each other for some cerebral sparring or get involved in more active games.  Some video games are so in depth that they can draw you into the action for hours on end.  There are numerous free video games on cell phones and online as well.

5.    Go to a friend’s house

Gathering with friends is always a pleasant indoor activity you can enjoy.  Invite friends over to your house for a winter party.  It doesn’t even have to be holiday themed.  Have a potluck dinner for a change of pace and to try some new dishes.  This is also a good way to share the cost of entertaining.

6.    Watch a movie

At RedBox you can rent new releases for under two dollars.  Video on demand offers thousands of popular titles for rent to watch at home from the comfort of your house.  During the winter, many local theaters will have matinee prices at night on slower nights early in the week.

7.    Play in the snow

You don’t need to be a child to enjoy building a snowman, a fort or having a friendly snowball fight.  Take time to play in the snow.  The snow will only be available for a few days or weeks at a time, so take advantage.  Put on your winter gear and go for a walk on a local trail that’s covered in snow.

8.    Cook

It’s easy to have a romantic dinner without breaking your budget.  Choose a fancy-sounding recipe that you have the ability to cook together.  It’ll be a romantic change of pace to have the two of you in the kitchen together.

9.    Share memories

Spend time reflecting on your past.  It’s usually fun to recall the beginnings of your relationship.

10.    Play an indoor sport

Find a sport that you and your partner both enjoy.  Your local community center may provide access as you’re a member of the community.  Enjoying friendly competition can bring you closer together.

It may be snowing or really cold outside, that doesn’t mean you have to sit around the house being bored.  Take advantage of the winter and try a few of these activities together to create some new memories!

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