How To Save On Holiday Entertainment

Throwing a holiday party with any size guest list can be quite pricey.  Fortunately, there are a number easy tips and tricks to throw a holiday party without breaking your yearly household budget. Experiment with creative holiday party themes to enjoy the company of your loved ones without stretching your finances to the limit.

Types of Holiday Parties

Rather than hosting a huge shindig the week before Christmas, consider a much smaller “seasonal” themed party during the winter months to enjoy friends and family members without the upcharge of Christmas.  By spreading out your needs you will take away the stress and expense of one large party to accommodate everyone.

Try these inexpensive holiday party themes:

1.    Holiday open house

Invite your guests to drop by anytime during specific hours.  Offer appetizers and drinks throughout the day.  An open house is more casual with less fuss and without strict commitments to a specific time or in depth planning involved.

2.    Dessert party

Ask each guest to bring their favorite dessert or make your own if you’re into that sort of thing.  Combine a generous spread of desserts and sweets with a pot of coffee or a batch of cocoa.  This will make for a low-key get together.  Pair the dessert party concept with a holiday movie or an activity such as tree trimming, gift-wrapping, crafting, or caroling.

3.    Gift-wrapping party

Invite friends or family members to wrap gifts.  Play holiday music or put on a classic movie.  Then, set everyone up with their own wrapping space, paper, scissors, scotch tape and tags.  Ask guests to bring their own supplies and gifts.  Tackle all your wrapping in a single fun-filled evening.

4.    Tree-trimming party

Catch up with your friends while doing your holiday decorating.  Use decorations you already own or swap with friends.  Add some snacks and refreshments to spice up the evening.

5.    Potluck party

This is the classic inexpensive dinner party because your guests pay for most of your cost.  Provide the plates, utensils, napkins, and clean up.  Choose a theme for your potluck such as chili, soups, or fondue to make things more interesting.

6.    Baking party

Ask each guest to bring a baking ingredient such as sugar, flour, chocolate chips, sprinkles, gingerbread, frosting, and anything else your imagination can create.  Get everyone together for a fun evening in the kitchen.  Keep warm cider and hot cocoa handy with Christmas music on the radio or a holiday movie on TV.

7.    Crafting party

Provide supplies for a variety of inexpensive holiday crafts or ask your guests to bring the materials for some of their favorite crafts.  This is an ideal party for smaller groups but it can help you make gifts for family and friends just in time for Christmas.  Homemade gifts are not only thoughtful and fun, but are much less expensive than a store bought item!

Small, simple ideas like these will go a long way toward creating enjoyable holiday gatherings with those you hold dear, but without the crushing expense of a massive shindig.  These are inexpensive ways to spend time with friends and family during the holiday season that won’t break the bank.

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